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These terms of sales are related to the company SNAKE CIRCLE. They constitute the framework of the contractual and financial commitments proposed to its customers. At the signing of the quote, the Customer must ask the seller these terms and conditions of sale.
Any order implies acceptance of these conditions without restriction or reservation.
These terms of sales are delivered or sent to the customer at the same time as the estimate.
These terms of sales and the estimate are hereinafter referred to together as the “contract”;. The client, organizer of the event, has made sure of the availability of the room or the place and declares to have obtained from the competent authorities the authorization to organize its event.
It will provide the location of the performance in working order. He will provide the general service of the place, especially security.
The venue can not be modified without prior agreement.
He will be responsible for copyrights, and will pay directly to SACEM-SACD.


Article 1 – Conditions and modifications of services and price


In the event of contradiction between the Special Terms and Conditions contained in the quote signed by the client and those contained in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the provisions of the estimate are the only ones applicable.
Rates are also subject to change depending on economic conditions and in the absence of a booking confirmation made by a down payment.
The quotation established by SNAKE CIRCLE is valid until the end of the date indicated in the estimate. After this date, the estimate becomes obsolete. The prices and conditions stated in the quote are no longer guaranteed and are subject to change.
Once the reservation is confirmed, it is no longer possible to modify the services requested.
The prices of the services are indicated in euros all taxes included and are payable in this currency whatever the nationality of the customer.
The prices indicated correspond to the proposed prices for the services in the current year and are subject to change without notice.


Article 2 – Booking guarantee


The prices appearing on the established quotations are guaranteed until the date of validity of this one. This serves as a reference for the receipt of confirmation which must be accompanied by the deposit of 50% of the total amount of the estimate.


Article 3 – Terms of payment


The service will be settled by the customer at SNAKE CIRCLE, under the following conditions:

– a deposit of 50% of the total price including all taxes included in the quote, by check or bank transfer, on the day of booking.
– the balance of 50% of the total price including VAT of the service by bank check or bank transfer, the day of the service.


Article 4 – Choice of providers


Intervening service providers for SNAKE CIRCLE will be indicated and presented by the latter.
SNAKE CIRCLE will not intervene in the coordination and the verification of the missions put in charge of a chosen provider outside the list presented by SNAKE CIRCLE.


Article 5 – Replacement and absence of service providers


In case of absence or unavailability of one of the providers, SNAKE CIRCLE will make its best efforts to replace the absent or unavailable provider by an equivalent provider, in agreement with the customer.
If applicable, SNAKE CIRCLE will fully reimburse this service provider’s services to the client.


Article 6 – Intellectual property and confidentiality


The present general conditions of sale and the services included in the contract can not involve any transfer of intellectual property rights that can be implemented under the services ordered. The Customer authorizes SNAKE
CIRCLE to quote it and to use the photographs or any other media of the event in its commercial documents in any form as commercial reference.


Article 7 – Registration and dissemination


Apart from news, radio or television broadcasts lasting no more than 3 minutes, any recording or even partial broadcast of the show must be the subject of a special agreement.


Article 8 – Assembly, disassembly


The venue will be held at the disposal of the SNAKE CIRCLE teams on the day of the show, to allow the assembly and disassembly of the equipment.
Parking near the venue will be provided for the number of vehicles required (height: 2m 90, see Technical sheet)


Article 9 – Reception of the artists


On the day of the show, a closed and heated place will be available to the artists for the preparation of the equipment and the warm-up. The details of a reception allowing artists SNAKE CIRCLE to ensure their services under the best conditions are specified on the attached technical sheet.
The reception conditions and the technical sheet must be respected by the customer. Where applicable, SNAKE CIRCLE reserves the right to shorten or cancel the services. The conditions required for the smooth running of the services, the special conditions for the animals and the fire as well as the schedules of passage must be respected (an artist can have several services to be honored on the same date) In case of delay on the passage, the benefit may be shortened, or canceled if the delay is too important. Whatever the reason, in both cases the customer agrees to pay the entire service.


Article 10 – Security


The smooth running of the show is under the responsibility of the client. Access to the lodges will be prohibited to anyone outside the show before, during, and after the performance.
The customer will be required to ensure the proper conservation of personal effects installed on stage or stored in the boxes, as depositary of said equipment.


Article 11 – Liability insurance


SNAKE CIRCLE insures against all risks the objects and animals belonging to it.
Artists who own animals hold all the necessary authorizations for possession and stage performance.
The customer declares to have taken out the necessary insurance to cover the risks related to the representations of the show in the room.
The Customer is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that he or the participants may cause during the event. The Customer declares and guarantees to have the full legal capacity to enter into the contract and that he
holds a valid civil insurance. For this purpose, the Customer agrees to waive and waive his insurers and / or any guest, if any, against all recourse against SNAKE CIRCLE in case of occurrence of any of the aforementioned  events.
SNAKE CIRCLE disclaims all liability for damages of any kind (theft, damage, etc.) affecting the property of any  kind (personal effects, materials, etc.) brought by SNAKE CIRCLE, its service providers, the Client or belonging to
the participants. wherever the goods are stored (parking, lounges …).
It is the responsibility of the client to make all the declarations inherent to the organization of the event.
(Sacem, Spré, sound, drinks, license IV).
The customer declares to have an insurance RC to avoid the possible damage caused by his guests on the material implemented by SNAKE CIRCLE.


Article 12 – Unfavorable conditions


SNAKE CIRCLE will be released from any obligation in case an event of force majeure or fortuitous event occurs (strike, fire, water damage …). In the event of the occurrence of a force majeure event, SNAKE CIRCLE must immediately inform the Customer and will make best efforts to reduce, eliminate and overcome the effects of force majeure.
In case of weather conditions preventing the show (rain, snow, hail, mud, etc. …) The customer will try to shift the schedule of the show, in agreement with SNAKE CIRCLE. For lack of solutions, the show will be canceled, but the sums provided for the signature of the estimate will remain due by the customer.


Article 13 – Cancellation conditions


If the cancellation on the initiative of the customer intervenes:
– less than 24 hours to 10 days before the date of receipt, the customer will be charged 100%.
– Between 11 and 30 days before the event date, the customer will be charged 80%.
More than 30 days before the date of the event, the deposit paid will remain acquired.
For travel, flights and accommodation are the responsibility of the customer. A deposit must be made before the 30 days before departure.

Any cancellation on the initiative of the Customer shall be subject to sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
In the event of cancellation, the Customer can not claim to postpone the event to another date.
In the event of cancellation without notice or if the Customer does not appear the day of the reception, SNAKE CIRCLE reserves the right to request the payment of a compensation equal to 100% of the services, the expenses related and consecutive to the cancellation without notice.


Article 14 – Cancellation Insurance


Cancellation by the Client:
In the event of withdrawal, refusal or cancellation by the Client, SNAKE CIRCLE will be released from all obligations towards the Client and he will not be able to claim either to postpone the event to another date, or to reimbursement of sums already paid as well as sums due as indicated in article 13, kept by SNAKE CIRCLE as an irreducible contractual termination indemnity.
Cancellation by SNAKE CIRCLE:
In case of cancellation by SNAKE CIRCLE of one or more services to be performed (s) for his Client, SNAKE CIRCLE agrees to fully refund the customer sums already received corresponding.


Article 15 – Disputes


In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this contract, the parties agree to submit to the application of the courts in the city where the head office is located, but only after exhaustion of amicable ways (conciliation, arbitration, etc …)


Article 16 – Dispositions particulières


The Customer agrees not to intervene directly, before, during and after the event, with suppliers, subcontractors, artists, staff and employees of SNAKE CIRCLE. If after a possible termination of the contract the Customer was to
realize or have the event that would have been initially defined by SNAKE CIRCLE, a sum equal to 30% of all the projects deviated and plagiarized would be due to SNAKE CIRCLE. The same sum would be due in the case where the Customer comes to work directly with one or more employees of SNAKE CIRCLE without prior agreement.
No poster, sign or banner of a political nature may be installed on the venue without prior agreement.

Terms of sales

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